Flea Removal Services

Flea infestations are a common problem in homes especially for those with cats or dogs. They are also frequently found when moving into a home that previously had pets.

There are many species of flea, the most common in the UK is the cat flea.

In this country it is rare for fleas to transmit disease, instead, the primary concern is the distress that flea bites cause to people and pets.

Adult fleas pierce the skin of mammals or birds to feed on blood. However, the flea larvae feed on matter in carpets or bedding and so high levels of hygiene can slow the life-cycle. Flea cocoons can remain dormant for many months and are awoken by the vibration of footsteps. It is very common for a flea infestation to remain dormant for months in an empty home but to awaken when people move in.

All adult Fleas feed on warm-blooded animals. Female Fleas can live up to two years, during which time they can lay up to 1000 eggs. The eggs drop onto the floor and the animal’s bedding. After several days the eggs will develop into larvae. When fully grown the larvae spin well camouflaged silken cocoons. When fully developed the adult waits within this until it detects the vibrations caused by a potential host. Only then does it emerge.

The most effective treatment for fleas involves the use of a professional residual insecticide spray and fumigating the property.

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Fantastic service. Russell came to our house the day after we called, and spent time working out how to get rid of a hornets nest from our very high chimney. He explained everything , and kept in contact over the next week to make sure all hornets gone and we were happy. And a very personable chap too!

Diane Cameron

We had a squirrel problem in our loft so contacted Russell and the problem was resolved in no time. Excellent service, arrived on time and got the job done with minimum fuss. Would highly recommend! Thank you.

R Shearstone

Prompt, courteous, professional and efficient service. We were very pleased with the service we received from Russell in treating our wasp nest. We would certainly recommend his company to others in need of pest control.

Spencer Adnitt

I rang Shaw pest control and they immediately got back to me. The work that had to be done was fully explained prior to treatment. Questions that I had were answered and the job done was swift and professional.

Jo Robinson

If you have any issues with bees wasps etc this guy is great quick fast reliable service no job too big or small. We rang booked and got it dealt with in 48 hours.


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